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* One-Page-Checkout *
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TeleCheckout vs Other Checkout

What are the advantages of TeleCheckout over Other Checkout :
  1. Easy one click install, one Click Enable, one click Disable. No coding. No Liquid. 
  2. TeleCheckout has a better checkout UX, radio buttons are working perfectly regardless of where you click and the right pane is scrolling, no frustration.
  3. TeleCheckout works in all browsers including IE11, that is an additional 10%* of sales by serving customers that are otherwise unable to complete their purchase. 
  4. TeleCheckout reminds the buyer of the great deal by showing the original prices before and after discounts in the order summary. 
  5. Discount "Buy X get Y" is working as expected and displayed properly in the checkout. 
  6. Frictionless Upsell in checkout : Cross-sell for higher cart value directly within the checkout. 
  7. Optional box to repeat the email, totally removing user mistakes by 100%*, recommended for digital delivery. 
  8. TeleCheckout has support for custom CSS allowing you endless customization of the checkout: matches your shop's scheme, colors and fonts. 
  9. Uses the original Shopify shipping, integrates with any shipping apps such as real time carrier apps.
  10. Uses the original Shopify abandoned cart email, integrates with any abandoned cart apps.
  11. Uses the original Shopify Order confirmation page (Thank You page), integrates with all apps that rely on that page to work properly, including Shopify's fulfillment sms notifications. 
  12. Support for any additional tracking scripts, by default on the Order Confirmation page.
* shop with sales over £10,000 /month of digital products. 

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