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TeleCheckout FAQ

​Which payment gateway works with TeleCheckout?

TeleCheckout currently supports Stripe, Bluesnap, 2checkout, Paypal and Cash on Delivery (COD).

Or start and open an account now

For stores looking for more options to extend internationally, we recommend looking at our Skip Currency feature.

How to enable "Skip Cart" with TeleCheckout?

Simply enable the "skip cart" option build in TeleCheckout. Third-party "Skip Cart" apps are not compatible, you shall disable them for the redirect to work properly. 

Stripe's FAQ

Please visit the Stripe FAQ page.

Does TeleCheckout offer an Affiliate Program?

TeleCheckout does not offer an Affiliate Program and there is no plan to do so in the future.

Does TeleCheckout offer Upsell / Cross-sell at checkout?

TeleCheckout shows cross-sell during checkout: items frequently bought together with the items that are already in the cart. It uses previous sales to determine the best matches. If you don't have enough data you could manually teach the system by doing a test orders with the items you want to match together. When you do a teaching order, please add at least 2 items to the order so that the items can be matched together. This order can be done in your Shopify Admin panel using the draft order feature. 

Does TeleCheckout offer Post Purchase One Click Upsell?

While we are still working on this feature, we already offer access to our Beta for Post Purchase One Click Upsell using the 2checkout and Paypal-via-2checkout gateways.

How to setup TeleCheckout in test mode?

See setup-telecheckout-in-test-mode to do test orders.

On the first launch and if there are no gateway setup, you will be offered to setup test mode with a single click in your TeleCheckout Admin Panel.

Will BOGO discount work in TeleCheckout?

BOGO (By One Get One Free) Automatic Discount are 100% compatible with TeleCheckout. It is currently not possible to use the BOGO as a Discount Code this is why we suggest using the BOGO option from Shopify's Automatic Discount. Those can be found in your Admin panel > Discounts > Automatic Discounts.

How to add custom text on the checkout page in Shopify Basic?

In your Shopify admin panel, select Apps > TeleCheckout.
Scroll to the bottom where you will see a section called Internationalisation.
Click on Edit the Translations or Customise the Texts
Select the language of the text you would like to edit.
Search the original text using F3 or CTRL+F key, enter your custom checkout text on the right hand side.
Press Save.
​On the same page, click the Preview link at the top.

Alternatively You can also add text in a custom Footer on the checkout in Shopify.

How to add a custom footer on the checkout page in Shopify Basic?

In your Shopify admin panel, select Apps > TeleCheckout.
Scroll to the section called Footer Sections.
Enter your custom checkout footer text or HTML and press Save.
Scripts are not allowed directly but can be executed via an iFrame.
You can also style your custom checkout footer text with Custom CSS.

How to show the scarcity timer on the checkout page in Shopify Basic?

The famous scarcity timer is often represented with a flame and urges the customer to complete their checkout. Follow those steps to show the burning timer on your checkout in Shopify:

In your Shopify admin panel, select Apps > TeleCheckout.
Scroll to the section called Marketing.
Check the box Display a scarcity timer and press Save.

You can customize the text, see above section: How to add custom text on the checkout page in Shopify Basic?

How to show a Live Chat on the checkout page in Shopify Basic?

In your Shopify admin panel, select Apps > TeleCheckout.
Scroll to the section called Live Chat.
Pick one by adding your API key and press Save.

How to automatically change the currency of the checkout in Shopify Basic?

In your Shopify admin panel, select Apps > TeleCheckout.
Scroll to the section called Currency.
Select your currency converter App and press Save.

How to automatically translate the checkout in Shopify Basic?

In your Shopify admin panel, select Apps > TeleCheckout.
Scroll to the section called Internationalisation.
See The language of the checkout page.
Select Automatic User Language Recognition and press Save.

What third party tools can be added to the checkout?

TeleCheckout supports a variety of tools for your checkout, please get in touch if you would like to add your favourite one: Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Criteo, Lucky Orange, Hotjar, Tawk.to, Zendesk, Hubspot, Currency Converter Plus, etc. 

How to hide some countries / show only one country?

In your Shopify admin panel, select settings > shipping.
​And select only the countries you want in the shipping zone(s).

Will I be charged the 1% transaction fee when the order is paid with Cash On Delivery (COD)?

There is no transaction fee for COD, so there are no extra charges for those orders.

How do I enable/disable payment methods for specific currencies/countries? (Skip Currency)

If you are looking to integrate the international market, our Skip Currency feature directs shoppers who use specific currencies of your choosing to Shopify's default checkout where you can have different gateways set up. All other international customers who do not use the indicated currency will then be directed to TeleCheckout with localisation and currency conversion.

To use Skip Currency, navigate to Apps > TeleCheckout > Currency then indicate the 3-letter currency code. For multiple currencies, separate them with a comma.

For example: An international store based in Norway, would indicate NOK as Skip Currency. All Norwegian customers are sent to Shopify Checkout where they can pay with Klarna, Sofort, Klaviyo, etc. All other international customers who do not use NOK currency will then be directed to TeleCheckout with localisation and currency conversion.

Button/Link is still redirecting my customers to Shopify Checkout?

Here are a few reasons why orders still come from Shopify's Default Checkout instead of TeleCheckout:

  • "Skip Currency" option. TeleCheckout's "Skip Currency" option is a feature that allows sending customers who use the specified currency(ies) to Shopify's Default Checkout. See the Currency section in TeleCheckout's Admin.
  • Third-party "Skip Cart" apps. We recommend using the "skip cart" option build in TeleCheckout
  • Third-party "Bundle" apps. We suggest reaching out to the specific app's support on how to redirect the traffic to TeleCheckout.
  • Cart Recovery Email. The link in the cart recovery email should be customized to send the user to TeleCheckout, see the specific section in TeleCheckout's Admin.
  • SMSbump. We recommend reaching out to the specific app's support on how to redirect the traffic to TeleCheckout.
  • "Price Rule Not Implemented". Some discount codes with very specific conditions are currently not supported. We are working on supporting them but in the meanwhile, the customer might be redirected to Shopify's Default Checkout in order to complete the payment while enjoying that discount code.
  • Incompatible Checkout Button in a custom theme. Please send us the screenshot of the page with pointing out the failing button + the URL of the page + the specific browser/device if it is browser/device specific.
  • Page load is too slow. If the product page loading time is extremely slow, there is a small chance that the redirection script hasn't finished loading when the user is clicking on the checkout button.

Facebook Pixel does not work/does not reflect back to my Facebook campaigns

Due to new browser restrictions, Facebook Pixels are likely getting blocked. We have implemented the Facebook Pixel Server Side Conversion API, please make sure to add the Access Token in TeleCheckout Admin.

When I click on the Buy Now button it leads me to the homepage?

There could be a conflict with another checkout app.
  1. Method 1: Switch them both off first, then uninstall them both, then install only TeleCheckout.
  2. Method 2: how-to-solve-the-page-you-were-looking-for-doesnt-exist

Error: "No Shipping Option for your cart selection"

This error is shown on checkout when the cart selection doesn't match any shipping zone based on the criteria. Check your shipping zones:
For example, if max weight is 20 lb and user has a cart selection weighting more.

Will Shopify charge me external gateway fees when using TeleCheckout?

No. There are no transaction fees for COD and Shopify external gateway fees are waived when using TeleCheckout.

Do I need a PayPal account to accept payments via PayPal?

You can choose to use your own PayPal account, although we support 2checkout Inline with PayPal that doesn't require you to have a Paypal account while still accepting Paypal in your store.

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