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Troubleshooting TeleCheckout Errors

One-Page-Checkout Troubleshooting

Error: Button/Link is still redirecting my customers to Shopify Checkout?

Here are a few reasons why orders still come from Shopify's Default Checkout instead of TeleCheckout:

  • "Skip Currency" option. TeleCheckout's "Skip Currency" option is a feature that allows sending customers who use the specified currency(ies) to Shopify's Default Checkout. See the Currency section in TeleCheckout's Admin.
  • Third-party "Skip Cart" apps. We recommend using the "skip cart" option build in TeleCheckout
  • Third-party "Bundle" apps. We suggest reaching out to the specific app's support on how to redirect the traffic to TeleCheckout.
  • Cart Recovery Email. The link in the cart recovery email should be customized to send the user to TeleCheckout, see the specific section in TeleCheckout's Admin.
  • SMSbump. We recommend reaching out to the specific app's support on how to redirect the traffic to TeleCheckout.
  • "Price Rule Not Implemented". Some discount codes with very specific conditions are currently not supported. We are working on supporting them but in the meanwhile, the customer might be redirected to Shopify's Default Checkout in order to complete the payment while enjoying that discount code.
  • Incompatible Checkout Button in a custom theme. Please send us the screenshot of the page with pointing out the failing button + the URL of the page + the specific browser/device if it is browser/device specific.
  • Page load is too slow. If the product page loading time is extremely slow, there is a small chance that the redirection script hasn't finished loading when the user is clicking on the checkout button.

Error: Facebook Pixel does not work/does not reflect back to my Facebook campaigns

Due to new browser restrictions, Facebook Pixels are likely getting blocked. We have implemented the Facebook Pixel Server Side Conversion API, please make sure to add the Access Token in TeleCheckout Admin.

Error: When I click on the Buy Now button it leads me to the homepage?

There could be a conflict with another checkout app.
  1. Method 1: Switch them both off first, then uninstall them both, then install only TeleCheckout.
  2. Method 2: how-to-solve-the-page-you-were-looking-for-doesnt-exist

Error: "No Shipping Option for your cart selection"

This error is shown on checkout when the cart selection doesn't match any shipping zone based on the criteria. Check your shipping zones:
For example, if max weight is 20 lb and user has a cart selection weighting more.

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