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How to setup TeleCheckout in test mode

This guide will show you how to setup TeleCheckout in test mode.

For convenience, we will provide you with credentials to a test gateway, please note that no real payment will be taken.

After setting up the demo payment gateway, you will be able to test the One Page Checkout experience with TeleCheckout, using test credit card details.

1) Install TeleCheckout

To install TeleCheckout, please visit http://telecheckout.com. This is a Shopify checkout alternative with support for various payment gateways such as Stripe, Bluesnap, Paypal, 2checkout... with more underway.

2) Add the test payment gateway / credit card payment provider

  1. Click "Add a provider"
  2. Select "Bluesnap" and click "Setup Provider"
  3. Select the "Sandbox" option
  4. Enter the following test credentials and click "Save Changes"
    Bluesnap API Username : API_1559384166509102519306
    Bluesnap API Password : YW9uZ2ltIGFyb3Zpb21jYWNyb29tZGdzZw

TeleCheckout with Bluesnap for Shopify one page checkout

3) Preview

Click the preview button, the checkout will open with a random item in the cart. Jump to step 6.

4) Enable TeleCheckout

Once the payment gateway is setup, you can Enable the Shopify checkout alternative with one click on the Enable button. Please note that disabling is also as easy as One Click!

5) Check TeleCheckout is loading

Go to your shop and checkout an item as a consumer would usually do. The one-page TeleCheckout should be loading in place of Shopify Checkout.

If this is not the case, there might be an incompatibility with one of your other apps, for example the "skip cart" apps are often forcing the Shopify Checkout to appear. Please disable those apps for testing and we invite you to get in touch with us for a workaround.

6) Test Payment

Bluesnap has a list of demo Credit Card, please note that some do not work despite being listed as "Success": https://developers.bluesnap.com/docs/test-credit-cards

You can try with the following Visa test card details:

  • 4263982640269299
  • 04/2023
  • 738

No real payment will be taken.

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