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How to Set Up 2checkout Integration with Shopify via TeleCheckout

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TeleCheckout is the first ever checkout that smoothly integrates with 2checkout. We leverage 2checkout’s API and 2pay.JS to be able to process customer payments in a single page checkout without the need to redirect your shoppers. What’s more, TeleCheckout also eliminates Shopify’s external gateway charges, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a One Page Checkout without having to worry about additional costs.

Moreover, TeleCheckout further improves both your own and your customers’ overall Shopify store experience, specifically during checkout. TeleCheckout replaces Shopify’s default checkout with an alternative conversion optimized checkout page.

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How to Set Up 2checkout for Shopify with TeleCheckout

A. How to Sign up for TeleCheckout
1. Go to telecheckout.com and click on “Request Your Checkout”
2. Complete the form by filling out the information needed.
When asked to select a payment gateway, make sure to tick the 2checkout checkbox. 
If you do not have a 2checkout account Open an account now.
B. How to Install TeleCheckout
1. Click on the install link sent to you via email.
2. At the bottom of the page, click on the Install App button
C. How to Add 2checkout to Shopify as a Payment Gateway
1. Go to your Shopify dashboard
2. Navigate to Apps → TeleCheckout → Add a payment gateway
3. In the dropdown list, choose 2checkout (Inline 2payJS)
4. Enter your API credentials and IPN URL
If you’re having troubles with the steps on how to connect 2checkout to Shopify, we created separate, more in-depth pages for steps on how to set up TeleCheckout and adding 2checkout as a payment gateway

How to Use 2checkout for Shopify with TeleCheckout

Simply follow the steps above. As soon as you’re done installing TeleCheckout, adding 2checkout as a payment gateway, and customizing the checkout according to your own preferences, you’re good to go!
If you’re interested to know how it works, we have a demo store you can try out and see for yourself.

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