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How to setup 2checkout One Page Checkout in Shopify with TeleCheckout (New, True Inline, No Redirect)


2checkout shopify one page inline, no redirect

The payment gateway 2checkout is now available on Shopify, One Page Checkout, Inline, no redirect. This guide shows how to setup 2checkout inline payment on Shopify. See our 2checkout demo shop, no redirect Shopify one page checkout.

You will need a live 2checkout account that is validated

Sign-up for 2checkout

1) Add 2checkout Payment Provider Gateway

1.1. Go to TeleCheckout Admin Panel.
1.2. Click Add a payment gateway under Accept payments section.

      1.3. Select 2checkout (Inline) and click Setup.

          2) Setup API Credentials 

          This section will help to setup the necessary API credentials: the Merchant Code and the Secret Key.

            2.1. Login to your 2checkout Merchant Account.
            2.2. Click the Integration tab.
            2.3. Click on Webhooks & API sub-tab.
            2.4. Copy your Merchant Code (AccountSID).
            Note: Merchant Code and AccountSID are both the same.

                2.5. Paste the copied Merchant Code to TeleCheckout's 2checkout Merchant Code.

                2.6. Similarly, copy and paste the (API/IPN) Secret Key to TeleCheckout's Secret Key. 

                2.7. Save the changes in TeleCheckout.



                  4) Setup `IPN URL`  

                  4.1. In TeleCheckout, copy the link under Your 2checkout "IPN URL" label.

                  4.2. Open IPN settings in the 2checkout panel:
                  4.3. and click Add IPN URL.
                  4.4. Paste here your 2checkout IPN URL.
                  4.5. Do not check "Allow concurrent requests".
                  4.6. Validate with Add IPN.
                  4.7. Press the F5 key or Refresh the webpage. 
                  4.8. Scroll down to Response tags.
                  4.9. Click Select All.
                  4.10. Validate with Update.

                  5) Make a Test Order 

                  5.1. Give yourself a secret Coupon Discount and make a live test Order of low value, under $5 or equivalent currency.
                  The transaction will happen on the same page and the user will end on the original Shopify Thank-You-Page.
                  Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help with your inline 2checkout setup in Shopify via TeleCheckout.

                  6) Enable PayPal via 2checkout

                  1. Setup "2checkout (Inline 2PayJS)"
                  2. make sure 2checkout has allowed PayPal on your account, you may need to contact 2checkout to enable the "PayPal" option.
                  3. Click "Add a payment gateway"
                  4. Select PayPal
                  5. Select "Live Paypal via 2checkout"

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