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2checkout Inline Checkout for Shopify with TeleCheckout

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By default, Shopify redirects customers to 2checkout’s page during checkout. It’s considered a problem by many, as this sometimes serves as a deterrent and increases the likelihood of abandoned carts. TeleCheckout recognizes this, and so 2checkout inline checkout for Shopify was created.

What is 2checkout?

2checkout offers a wide variety of features and solutions for Shopify. They provide full PCI-compliance, multiple payment methods such as Debit/Credit Cards/Paypal and advanced fraud protection, but what really makes the platform stand out is their flexibility in accepting high-risk stores such as dropshipping and their availability in almost all countries, giving you great chances of being accepted.

What is 2checkout Inline Checkout for Shopify?

As mentioned earlier, Shopify redirects buyers outside of the store’s URL when checking out. Inline Checkout is a technology developed specifically for preventing this. TeleCheckout utilizes 2checkout’s 2pay.js and API, allowing TeleCheckout to process customer payments in the single page checkout and without the need to redirect them.

Simply put, 2checkout Inline Checkout makes TeleCheckout's one page checkouts possible to help you sell more while at the same time providing ease and convenience to shoppers.

Benefits of 2checkout and TeleCheckout integration

TeleCheckout enables you to connect with payment gateways that cannot be natively integrated with Shopify. Furthermore, if you’re familiar with Shopify’s payment processing structure, you’re aware that when using external payment gateways, Shopify charges 0.5% to 2% (depending on your Shopify plan) for each successful sale you make. TeleCheckout also offers help in this area - aside from being the first checkout that integrates seamlessly with 2checkout, Shopify’s external gateway charges are also reduced to 0%, virtually providing all the benefits of a One Page Checkout without the additional costs.

Other notable features of Telecheckout include support for multi-currency and localisation, ad pixels, integration with analytics, live chat in your checkout, and more.

How do I integrate 2checkout Inline Checkout for Shopify with TeleCheckout?

The payment gateway is now available on Shopify. Our guide shows how you can set up 2checkout inline checkout for Shopify with TeleCheckout in just a few easy steps!

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