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Abandoned Checkout Recovery Email Notification - TeleCheckout


Your customer added some products in the cart, but did not complete the order?

Let's remind them of those great products that are waiting in their cart!

Here is how to setup cart recovery email to link directly to the one page checkout, TeleCheckout. 

 Step 1. go to Shopify admin panel. Find “Apps” in the left menu. Then click on the “TeleCheckout” and scroll down till “Abandoned checkout email notification”


Step 2. open the link “Abandoned checkout email body”  in new tab (Do not close the previous tab - you will need it). You will see the page with code of the Abandoned checkout email notification.


Step 3. press buttons “Ctrl” and “F” together or click on the “Find” in the menu of your browser. Search for {{ url }} (with brackets). You will see {{ url }} is marked in the code.

 Step 4. go back to the tab where admin panel of the Telecheckout is (from the step 1). You can see a text that you need to copy. 

{{ shop.secure_url }}/a/checkout?recover={{ url | url_encode }}


Step 5. Afterccopying, return to the tab where you were looking for {{ url }}

And paste the copied text 

{{ shop.secure_url }}/a/checkout?recover={{ url | url_encode }}

 In place of the old {{ url }}


Step 6. So now when your customers will receive the abandoned Checkout email and will follow the cart recovery link, they will see the one-page TeleCheckout (not the Shopify’s checkout) opens with all products ready to be purchased.

TeleCheckout will now show the Cross-Sell options!

Should you experience any issues, please send us your original email content and we will happily do the changes for you :) 


Let us remind you, here's how you can setup the cart recovery notification emails:

go to Shopify’s admin panel. See the left menu. Then follow: Orders - Abandoned checkouts. Then click on the order. And you will  find the button “Send a cart recovery email”.





Sincerely yours,


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